Self-Publishing Space

by susanedotcohen

This is not a blog and I am not a blogger. I know that is going to be a hard sell as I am writing this on WordPress, and WordPress is for bloggers with blogs. However, my WordPress site is not my blog and I am not a blogger.

I am using WordPress as a “self-publishing space” which I know many (all) of you will argue is the definition of a blog. I have a different definition (alliteration) when it comes to a “self-publishing space.”

A self-publishing space is basically what I would write if I were given a regular column in a newspaper or a magazine. A column over which I had the freedom and flexibility to choose the topics and at times, get a bit creative with my writing style or perhaps with genre (linguistics shout-out). This is a full service “self-publishing space” that will feature exploratory pieces, Op-Eds, personal essays, and interviews.

I selected the name, High School English with a Twist, because I had a complex relationship with high school English. I am still trying to decide if I did not know how to play the English game or I did not fit into the prescribed system. Maybe the game is the system? Therefore if you cannot play the game then you cannot be in the system?

Regardless of the basis for my complex relationship with English, I am a woman who likes books. Real books with pages that turn and corners that fold. There is nothing like the smell of a paperback book. I may not have been the best in my English classes, but I believe in tangible books and buying those books in bookstores. Maybe that is the most important thing one can take out of an English class – respect for the published word on paper. Yes I know, this is published words on a screen. If I could print it and hand deliver it, I would.