Sign Me Up – I Want To Be Like Bob Costas

by susanedotcohen

I want to be like Bob Costas. I mean it. I am completely serious. I want to be like Bob Costas and anchor the Olympics.

For many of you, this may be a new Susan dream. However, it really should not be a surprising one as many of you are aware of how seriously I take the Olympics (I watch the Olympic Trials). If you are not, let me share with you how seriously I take them. I take the Olympics so seriously that I check the online schedule before making plans. If possible, I watch the live feed to guarantee seeing the action as it unfolds. Even if I have seen the live feed, I still watch prime time NBC coverage for the commentary. As I said, I take my Olympics viewing seriously.

I am not sure at what point my Olympics viewing reached this level, but I can at least answer why it reached this level. The answer is simple. I always wanted to be an elite competitive athlete. I was a competitive athlete, but not an elite competitive athlete. There is a difference. An elite competitive athlete is trying to be a champion. I never reached the point where I could even try to be one. However, not reaching this point does not mean the desire was not there. It does not mean that the desire is still not thereI still believe there is a champion inside of me. A champion waiting to be unleashed. A champion who is inspired each time she watches an Olympian go from a competitor to an Olympic Champion with a hand to a wall or a stick on a mat

I want to be a champion not because of the title, but what is represents. For me, being a champion represents a love of one’s sport and the willingness to commit and dedicate oneself to the perfection of that sport. It means determination and discipline – two things I have always sought to acquire. It means a belief in oneself that is so deep that nothing can come between oneself and that belief. It means pushing oneself as an athlete, and more importantly than that, as a person. It means finding out what it means to be human.

I have always been fascinated by what it takes to become a champion. I have such respect for the pursuit whether or not it results in a gold medal. I should clarify. If Roger Federer is on the court then I expect excellence at all times. I think he would agree with that statement. In all seriousness, I believe in athletes and the process of becoming one. I think this is the reason I gravitate toward watching sports and sports coverage. I am a fan of the process.

For me, watching sports is a chance to be part of the process. I may not be there for the hard work, but I am there for the moments that work is put to the test. The moment the swimmer dives off the block. The moment a tennis player is down two sets, his opponent is at set point in the third set, and he comes back to win the match in the fifth. The moment Bob Costas asks the Olympic Champion how does it feel to be wearing the gold medal.

This bring me back to Bob. Bob Costas is not an elite competitive athlete, but he is part of the process of being one. He is the interviewer and every Olympic Champion must be interviewed. The interview is an integral part of being an Olympic Champion. One cannot be an Olympic Champion from the US without being interviewed by Bob.

If I cannot be an Olympian, the next best thing is being like Bob. I want to be an Olympic anchor. I want to be like Bob. I want to be part of the process. I want to be part of the NBC process. 

So NBC, if you are looking for coverage for the Sochi Olympics, I am available.