Deliciously Vogue – A Letter to Anna Wintour

by susanedotcohen


Photo by Susan Cohen

Dear Anna Wintour,

I rarely read Vogue. I sometimes read it while getting my hair done or if I am traveling somewhere. During those limited occasions, I generally do not enjoy the magazine. I am not a fan of Vogue’s layout, I do not connect to the articles, and I find the magazine’s text too small. However, for some reason yesterday, I decided to buy the February issue at Penn Station before taking the train out to Long Island.

As soon as I started to flip through the pages, I found myself enjoying Vogue for the first time. I read one interesting article after another. I was enjoying the articles so much that I was devouring them. The issue was just so delicious that I put aside my differences with Vogue. I never thought I would like Vogue let alone call it delicious. I am still enjoying the satisfaction from yesterday’s reading. I feel I must thank you for making Vogue the highlight of my Tuesday.

Thank you for two delicious train rides reading your delicious issue. More importantly, thank you for finally helping me see Vogue as it should be seen. You transformed me into a Vogue reader on what I thought would be an average commute to and from Long Island. I am already looking forward to reading the March issue on the train.

Sincerely Your Newest Reader,

Susan Cohen