Addendum to Susan is Behind the Times

by susanedotcohen

After some thought, I am questioning whether “behind the times” is the right phrase to explain my relationship with popular culture. I think in place of this phrase, I shall use the word selective.

I am selective as to how I spend my time and as a result, I am not always going to be in the know. If I choose or do not have time to read certain sections of The TimesNY Mag and other media outlets, I will miss information.  If I do not sit on Facebook or Twitter in the middle of the day, I will miss that information again. If I have limited reading and social media time, I then would need someone to send me the pop cultural news of the day over Gchat or in an email. If no one sends me the information, I miss another opportunity to be enlightened pop culturally.

My so called problem is not a problem at all. The problem I thought I had was really just a matter of how I – and those who would send me the articles – spend time on a given day. Being pop culturally knowledgeable is a time commitment.  For some, this is directly related to their work and therefore, they will be in the know because they are required to.

I would like to think someday my job will require me to be in the know, but for now, the amount of time I spend reading about pop culture is directly tied to how much I know and the speed at which I achieve this status. Simple as that.

So, the next time I feel “behind the times,” I am just going to stop my work and take a pop cultural break.