Royal Introductions

by susanedotcohen


I met Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, through Newsweek. I know this may be surprising given that I am a Royal watcher. However, I was not always a Royal watcher. This too may be surprising. The truth is I am a Royal watching newbie and before Newsweek introduced us, I had feigned interest in the Royal family. The interest that I did have resulted from my passion for history. In other words, it was limited to Royal history.

My lack of interest meant I missed the Waity Katie period and did not get too involved in William and Catherine’s engagement in November 2010. I certainly acknowledged the news as I do with all of the day’s news, but I thought ok, it will be cool to watch a Royal wedding on TV or something to that effect. Everything changed after I read Newsweek’s article “Citizen Kate.” It was published about a month before the Royal wedding and I read it because I like to read. I thought it would just be another article. I was WRONG. Nothing would be the same after this article. Yes, it was that powerful.

Whereas other publications put her down for letting time pass and keeping a low profile – including not being on a career path –  Newsweek got to the core of Catherine and her decisions. She was a woman who understood what she wanted and what needed to be done to get it. So, Catherine loves William and wants to marry William, and loving William and wanting to marry William meant being patient. She was not waiting for William. She was being patient. There is a big difference between the two. Catherine was well aware that she could not misstep, and in order to prevent such an action, she was quiet –  a quiet that was thought out and methodical. She let things evolve and take their time. Catherine, back when she was Kate, was wise beyond her years.

The article also took interest in her maternal grandmother. Catherine’s grandmother was a coal miner’s wife and raised her daughter, Catherine’s mother Carole, to want more. Carole raised Catherine with the same goal. As the article explained, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is in part thanks to her mother and her grandmother. The power of raising powerful women.

By the time I finished this article, I had gained a new role model. Catherine, who I had limited interest in ten minutes before I started reading, now became someone I wanted to emulate. No, I do not want to be a Royal. Instead, I want to approach things the way Catherine does. She takes her time in order to do things right. She see things as incremental and part of a bigger picture. I know that my view of Catherine may not be how everyone see hers, but this is how I see Catherine. I see her as a strong, powerful woman who understands how the world works. The world requires patience and she was patient and it paid off. Look at her now.