Television Work Admiration

by susanedotcohen


Photo taken by Susan Cohen of her TV

I admire the women who work on television. No, that sentence was not a mistake. I did not mean to write I admire the women who work in television. I admire them and hope to join them someday, but they are not who I am writing about.

I admire the women – they are really characters – I watch each week on sitcoms and dramas who accomplish so much during each episode. For example, I watch Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife and I wonder how does she do it all? Yes, I know Alicia and the show are not real and yes, I know her accomplishments are thanks to television magic where a legal case moves a billion times faster than it would in real life. Even though I know these facts, I am still amazed by Alicia and her television peers who get it all done in between commercials.

I think my television work admiration has a lot do with my fascination with how others work. I find others work habits so interesting. I am convinced they know some secret to work success that I have yet to learn and if I study how they work, I will uncover it. I see them pounding on keyboards in a library and think wow, look at them type their papers. For a second, I want to be just like them until I realize that my thoughts are a bit presumptuous regarding fast typing equaling success. These aggressive typers could be writing terrible papers and their vigor is a result of procrastination or a desire to just get it done without concern for the quality of their work product. I am a fast typer – I took typing in middle school – I can do the same if I want to.

The truth is that I know I am a fine worker. However, I still question my work habits. I think it has a lot to do with my having been a procrastinator when I was younger. Having been a procrastinator has shaped my perceptions of how others work. It leads to thinking about what it is like to not be a procrastinator. Is it truly more productive? Does getting it done sooner mean a better work product? I have learned that the other side of procrastination is at times better and at times, I need the push that comes from procrastination. I now understand that non-procrastination is not always greener.

I may always wonder about how the other half works or maybe as I get rid of the procrastination residue, I will just see Alicia as a television character and the aggressive typers as people who need to learn to type quietly in a library. Even if I reach this point, I am still going to want to grow up to see patterns and solve puzzles like Carrie on Homeland. I guess the television work admiration is not going to go away.