My Self-Publishing Space is 1 Year Old!


Celebrating another occasion, but thought the photo was fitting!

As the title of this piece clearly states, I am still not a blogger and this is still not a blog. This continues to be a “self-publishing space.” The origins of this term can be found in my very first piece where I told the world that I am just a writer with a website that happens to be through WordPress. Nothing more, nothing less. To reinforce this point, I have included three paragraphs from that first foray into self-publishing below.

“This is not a blog and I am not a blogger. I know that is going to be a hard sell as I am writing this on WordPress, and WordPress is for bloggers with blogs. However, my WordPress site is not my blog and I am not a blogger.

I am using WordPress as a “self-publishing space” which I know many (all) of you will argue is the definition of a blog. I have a different definition (alliteration) when it comes to a “self-publishing space.”

A self-publishing space is basically what I would write if I were given a regular column in a newspaper or a magazine. A column over which I had the freedom and flexibility¬†to choose the topics and at times, get a bit creative with my writing style or perhaps with genre (linguistics shout-out). This is a full service “self-publishing space” that will feature exploratory pieces, Op-Eds, personal essays, and interviews.” (June 27, 2012)

I might not have interviewed anyone, but I¬† definitely think this is a full service “self-publishing space.” I may have given the Duchess of Cambridge and Kim Kardashian the most attention in my work, but that should be expected since I keep up with both of them.

I am considering updating my bio.

Susan E dot Cohen watches at least one Bravo or E! reality program a day and sometimes has to juggle several. She makes sure to balance out this habit with non-reality television and of course, through cultural pursuits like concerts, museums, and her passion for history. Susan is an emerging bilingual in Spanish and hopes to be trilingual soon.”

To quote another piece, “If you happened to have learned from this personal thesis and want to thank me, you’re welcome.” The significance of “you’re” can be found in this now famous piece, Grammar as Told by Susan E dot Cohen.