Andy Cohen – Take Responsibility

by susanedotcohen

Dear Andy Cohen,

You’re probably busy sipping a drink in the Hamptons right now or maybe you are working on your tan, but what you have not done is take full responsibility for what occurred on Princesses Long Island on Sunday. You – not the representatives at Bravo, but you, senior level executive and face of the network Andy Cohen – should have apologized to the Ielpi family and to the 9/11 community.

As of publication of this letter to you, you have yet to do so. Even if you had issued an apology or even plan to issue one, it’s not enough. There is no excuse for what took place. It never should have happened. Period. Since it did happen – which there is no way to explain – you should have acted swiftly and not relied on your staff.

During the time you could have done the right thing, you continued to promote shows and tweeted about Nick & Toni’s. You even rewarded Ms. Bertoncini with a spot on your show, Watch What Happens Live, this coming Sunday. Perhaps she was always set to be on the show, but you and your staff should have changed the guest list already just as you and your staff should have canceled the show already. Oh wait, you, your staff, the Network, and the production team behind it never should have made a show like this in the first place.

Regardless of the advertising lined up for the season of the Princesses Long Island season, cancel it. Be a mensch.

No longer a fan of you or your network,

Susan Cohen
Thankful to all who protect and serve. Raised in Great Neck. Not a Princess.