Staying Cool was Literally Cool

by susanedotcohen

The following thought is brought to you by a hot July in New York.

I could have used a spray fan here!

I could have used a spray fan here!

In the 90s, spray fans and their combination of a spray bottle with a fan on top was essentially all it took to be  cool – in both senses of the word. Amazing to think that the ability to spritz water while receiving a slight breeze from a fan made of a non-plastic synthetic material was all it took to be the coolest kid during the summer. If only a cool mist could do the same now at business meetings. Imagine walking in with your spray fan and getting high fives and requests for a spritz and mist. Dream on Susan.

Since this clearly will not be happening, maybe I’ll just stick to my air conditioning and leave the glory days of the spray fan behind me. However, if you happen to locate a 90s era spray fan with its white bottle and pink fan, please let me know. I can’t find one online.