Answering An Admissions Question

by susanedotcohen

I found the following article on the Twitterverse, “Tufts Is Asking Its Applicants ‘What Does #YOLO Mean to You?’” This seems like a tough (which actually sound like Tufts – trying for a pun) question. The answer needs to be interesting without being crazy. It needs to give enough insight, but not enough to have your application thrown in the “no” pile. Basically, Tufts has found a way to look like it’s staying hip and relating to its applicants, when in fact, Tufts is just masquerading a “cool” question as a means to differentiate thousands of applicants with the same SAT score from each other. One smart admissions office.

If I had to respond to this question in 200 words, I might just write that acronyms can be extra-grammatical and therefore can be analyzed linguistically. With this perspective, one does not have to view YOLO as pertaining to oneself, but as it relates to the study of morphology. I definitely think that would get me in. Then again, I learned all of that in graduate school. Go figure.