No Need for a Passport: Vast/Small Distances

by susanedotcohen

I have traveled vast distances in the last week. To Japan and Mongolia to be exact. Well, not exactly. I took the subway and the crosstown bus to The Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met) a few days ago and went slightly downtown to Lincoln Center last night. However, through the portal that is New York City and its cultural institutions, I had a chance to experience a world beyond my own. I was temporarily transported to Japan through the Met’s exhibit “Birds in the Art of Japan” and to Mongolia through the incredible band Hanggai.* I had a chance to expand my horizons without leaving my horizon. No need for a passport. Although, one could say my MetroCard acted as my passport. By traveling a short distance to travel a great distance, I have awakened a desire to learn more about what I saw and heard. Soon, the distances will become smaller and the desire bigger.

And, what would travel be without a few photos!

*More on Hanggai soon!

My MetroCard (Passport) Case/Holder.

Proud owner of this MetroCard (Passport) Case/Holder.


Some of the awesome members of Hanggai.

Bought a CD and got it signed.

Bought a CD and got it signed.

More signatures!

More signatures!