The Internal Piper Chapman

by susanedotcohen

Netflix’s new hit, “Orange Is The New Black,” is all about actions and consequences. Piper and her fellow prisoners have thoughts and action that exist in the world and for the purposes of the show, have been encapsulated within the characters and magnified by the prison setting. The show forces us, the viewers, to place ourselves in all of the prisoners shoes and consider what we would do. Yes, it definitely portrays prison as humorous, but the humor is designed to draw us in. Through this humor, we get transported into prison, attached to the prisoners and their problems, and then once this connection has been established, we have the opportunity to examine what it means to be human and what truly is important.

Within all of us is a Piper Chapman. Maybe that’s why I related to her and did not judge her throughout the first season. As people, we know what we can do to avoid situations and then like Piper, we just walk into them. We act without thinking, make the wrong choices, and although we do not have to worry about a Red not feeding us, we too face the consequences.

The question the season finale left us with is what happens next. In that final scene, Piper certainly could not charm her way out of the situation and made a choice that was starkly different from her other prison choices. What exactly that means is not yet clear, but it certainly gave all of us something to think about as we wait for the next season.