My Summer of Scrubs

by susanedotcohen

A few weeks ago, I typed out the the following:

My evening ended like an episode of Girls. A 20-something confused, unsure, and staring with music playing in the background. All that was missing was a preview of next week’s episode. 

A few weeks later (aka now), the following sentiment still holds true. I can’t preview next week’s episode. As I reemerge from two years in academia, I’m finding myself to be in a similar position as my 22-year-old self. The only difference is I have five more years of wisdom and my routine does not include watching Scrubs every single day. Let me expand on that point a little bit and also state that no, I’m not using Girls as my spiritual guide. I do watch reruns of Sex and the City on E! in the early afternoons. I find I now watch the show with a different perspective, but that is neither here nor there.

Yes, after I graduated from Barnard, I watched Scrubs M-F from 3:00-4:00 p.m. and then again from 7:00-8:00 p.m. I had to be home for the show. If I was out, I came home. It was my one constant during my three month job search during the summer of 2008. I basically relied on it. It gave me structure and security. To this day, I’m grateful that Comedy Central made Scrubs part of its programming that summer.

My main motivation for watching the show was I had started watching it a few years before, but had not continued. I had always wanted to catch up and here was my chance. However, a deeper connection with the show was quickly established. I connected to JD and his feelings and observations about the world. During that summer, JD was like a mentor to me.

I was at the bottom of the totem pole and trying to figure things out, here was JD doing the same. JD and his friends were growing up, making mistakes, learning from them, and maturing before my very eyes and I was doing the same. In a way, I was on a parallel course minus becoming a doctor.

I eventually found a job and my afternoons and early evenings with Scrubs stopped, but the lessons from it remain. Scrubs was there when I needed it. It provided a foundation for adulthood.

I’m hoping that television will help me figure out life post-graduate school or at the very least, give me a meaningful routine. Even better, anyone in television want to hire me?