A Visit with the Duchess

by susanedotcohen

I owe the Duchess of Cambridge a visit. It has been several months since I last wrote about her.  Even then, I was focusing on how we were introduced and not on recent royal happenings.

I will admit I have been slacking. However, my lack of writing is not indicative of a lack of royal watching. Before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George left for the  royal tour of New Zealand and Australia, I read their itinerary. I made sure to read coverage of each engagement, including the outfits. I even follow Clarence House on Instagram.

Catherine is currently preparing for her first solo international engagement next month. As always, it is the right moment for such an engagement. I have previously described how Catherine approaches her role methodically. She follows royal protocol, but does so on her own terms. Catherine knows herself very well, and does not take on a new responsibility until she is ready.  In the last year, Catherine has brought this approach into  motherhood. Prince George’s happiness (in photos) is indicative of how she is raising her son.

Although this is a short visit with the Duchess,  it is about quality over quantity. I look forward to the Duchess of Cambridge’s growing responsibilities, and promise to write more often.