Royal Watching on the Island of Manhattan

by susanedotcohen

Once again, I have been delinquent with visiting the Duchess of Cambridge. However, we have both been quite busy over the last three months. In many respects, my delayed visit has led to a perfectly timed one.

In a matter of days, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will arrive on the island of Manhattan. This will be their first trip to New York, and it is sure to be special. While there will be a brief sojourn to Brooklyn, the majority of William and Catherine’s time will be spent engaging with New York and New Yorkers. As always, they will be highlighting important work around the world, and reminding each of us that we can make a difference. I will be interested to see their (especially Catherine’s) reactions to the city and of course, how Catherine dresses. Perhaps this royal watcher will even catch a glimpse of her. After all, New York is a small town.


Best wishes to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on a successful trip to New York.