Continuing Television Education Continued

Continuing Television Education taking place on Susan's television.

Continuing Television Education taking place on Susan’s television.

I have previously written about Continuing Television Education (CTE). Similar to Continuing Education courses that professionals take, television provides the same educational benefits for me. It is a chance to take a break during the work day all the while staying abreast of the latest happenings on NBC, ABC, CBS, E!, and beyond.

As I explained in that piece, CTE does not exist. I made it up to justify my habit of watching television during the day. Even though I created it, it is not without benefits. CTE allows me to be completely up to date on all of my shows, and I am always quite productive following it. While I will never be able to completely justify television in the middle of the day, recent experiences provide insights into its benefits.

Over the last few months, I have cut back on watching television. I soon discovered that watching less television led to greater productivity, but it also led to less creativity and frustration in my work. However, once I reintroduced larger quantities of television, I felt prepared to create again. I must admit that a majority of my television watching now happens at night, but its benefits remain.

As this unintentional experiment in CTE reduction proves, CTE may actually be real. Further research is needed. Stay tuned.