Her Majesty The Queen

by susanedotcohen

I have written extensively on Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. After all, she was my introduction into the world of royal watching. As I have previously discussed, prior to her engagement to William I was not a royal watcher. I did not take up this position until reading a Newsweek article on the eve of their wedding, and then my interest progressively picked up pace after Catherine walked down the aisle at Westminster Abbey.

Over the last few years, I have engaged with the monarchy on a regular basis. If it is Christmas Day and the royals are at Sandringham, I am tuned in. I know all about the horse racing at Ascot, and how the monarchy uses its position to support charities and conservation work around the globe. In spite of my keen interest in the royals, I have yet to write about The Queen. This royal watcher cannot truly call herself a royal watcher until she does so.

In honor of Queen Elizabeth II surpassing her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria as the longest reigning British monarch, the time has come to write about Her Majesty. Perhaps the timing could not be better. My understanding of the monarchy and its relationship to the world throughout her reign has grown. I possess a greater appreciation for her now than ever before, and if I had written anything sooner I would not have been ready to discuss the Queen with enough depth.

The Queen is a woman to admire. She is intelligent, well read, composed, and from what they say has quite a sense of humor. She has both watched and participated in world history, and has a unique understanding of society. The Queen is driven by service, and has been truly committed to her people and their needs. Regardless of what is happening the world, Her Majesty maintains her sense of duty, which is testament to her character and the tone she has set for the monarchy. Even for those outside of the UK and the Commonwealth, she has been a constant and influential presence.

The Queen is also human. Perfection cannot be expected of anyone, even with the title of Her Majesty. She has made mistakes and learned from these instances, evolving as a person and a monarch. Her evolution has been one where consistency has played a major factor, but novelty has found its way in as well. The future is bright because of the choices she has made during her reign.

While she is not my Queen, I appreciate her service to the world. I wish her a hip hip hooray on this  milestone.