Susan E dot Cohen was far from the best student in her competitive high school English classes. She missed those deep themes high school teachers dream about, waited to the night before to write essays, and one year, took post lunch naps during class. In spite of this, she excelled at quote quizzes.

A history buff, Susan went on to major in History with a concentration in American History and minor in Art History at Barnard College. Her choice of Art History was a combination of liking art and knowledge of its value at future dinner parties. She has yet to really be invited to any such parties, but hopes that someday her knowledge will be useful with the person seated to her left or possibly to her right.

Despite Susan’s relationship with high school English, she has always wanted to be a writer. She has honed her craft everywhere from her high school newspaper, Guide Post, to The Columbia Spectator, and most recently, through her role as a contributor at Gluten-Free Living and as the New Yorker Spotlight Editor at 6sqft. Susan shares her opinions with anyone  who will listen, and in 2011, that just happened to be The New York Times, in the form of a published letter to the editor.